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Mon 15 January 2018
Network Traffic Capture in Virtual Enviroments
Wed 25 October 2017
Network Traffic Capture on Linux using OpenvSwitch
Tue 10 October 2017
Benchmarking Websites with ab and tsung
Sat 16 January 2016
Detecting Tor traffic with Bro network traffic analyzer
Sat 07 November 2015
SiLK Network Traffic Analysis Visualization with R and Rayon
Sun 18 October 2015
Online Information Security Analysis Tools and Resources
Sat 11 July 2015
Graphing Namebench Spreadsheet Data with R
Sun 14 June 2015
Benchmarking Website Domain Name Servers
Fri 27 February 2015
Building Apache and ModSecurity from source
Tue 30 December 2014
Redirect HTTP to HTTPS using Varnish
Mon 15 December 2014
Making WordPress Fast
Sun 14 December 2014
Parsing Microsoft DNS Server Logs
Tue 18 March 2014
Parsing Netflow using Kibana via Logstash to ElasticSearch
Wed 19 February 2014
Detecting Tor network traffic with YaF and Python
Thu 09 January 2014
Detecting Tor network traffic with SiLK
Wed 03 July 2013
Resizing Xen guest parition based filesystems
Sat 29 June 2013
Creating Debian guests on Xen using parition based filesystem
Sat 29 June 2013
Installing Xen on CentOS 6 from source
Mon 20 May 2013
Passive DNS collection and analysis using YaF and Mediator
Sat 16 March 2013
Running Moloch
Wed 13 March 2013
Increment IP packet timestamp
Thu 10 January 2013
Running SnortAD
Sat 10 November 2012
Mailing Lists
Mon 10 September 2012
Tue 24 July 2012
Decoding XOR payload using first few bytes as key
Thu 07 June 2012
World IPv6 Day
Sat 11 February 2012
How-to setup an Upside-Down-Ternet
Sat 10 December 2011
Block Command and Control requests using ASA 5500
Sat 29 October 2011
Amazon S3 Server-Side Encryption using GSUtil
Sat 15 October 2011
Block IRC and other communications with McAfee VirusScan
Mon 03 October 2011
Variance in rwfilter results from netflow v5 and YaF
Fri 26 August 2011
Configure YAF on Linux for NetFlow collection from a network tap or SPAN
Mon 15 August 2011
Configure SiLK on Linux for NetFlow collection from a Cisco router
Sun 17 July 2011
Setting Google Storage object ACL for authenticated downloads
Fri 17 June 2011
Running NIX Retina and Nessus vulnerability scans with least privileges
Tue 19 April 2011
Use Facebook CDN to host website photo gallerys
Sat 29 January 2011
Blocking evil with the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit EMET
Mon 10 January 2011
Pseudo Gmail address obfuscation
Tue 23 November 2010
Insecure Library Loading Could Allow Remote Code Execution
Tue 23 November 2010
Keeping your hardware safe and avoiding the evil maid
Sun 07 November 2010
Creating VMware VMDK files from DD images using Live View
Tue 17 August 2010
How I got started in information technology
Sun 23 May 2010
Finally migrated from Blogger to WordPress
Sat 13 February 2010
Redirect Blogger URL using Mod Rewrite and shell scripting fu
Tue 09 February 2010
A few tools that may help rid of malware
Mon 08 February 2010
Setting up maildrop with Courier MTA
Thu 04 February 2010
Migrating from Blogger to WordPress
Wed 06 January 2010
God Mode - Give Windows users an easier way to destory their computers
Tue 15 December 2009
Google namebench helps find happy nameservers
Wed 21 October 2009
Problem with RAID volume larger then 2TB on Dell workstations
Sat 17 October 2009
Python File Uploader
Thu 10 September 2009
Trouble accessing Gmail or internal chat client
Wed 20 May 2009
Facebook gets linked account support
Fri 15 May 2009
Installing Sun Java on Debian Lenny
Mon 02 March 2009
Debian Backup Script
Tue 10 February 2009
A few simple computing tips
Fri 23 January 2009
New RSS feed
Fri 19 December 2008
TrueCrypt on my Dell notebook
Fri 17 October 2008
Using session-monitor to span ports as an aggregation tap
Fri 10 October 2008
Using metasploit to pwn MS06-067
Fri 03 October 2008
Erase slack space on Microsoft Vista
Mon 08 September 2008
Gentoo Linux auto update script
Tue 05 August 2008
Mounting drives/volumes read-only in Microsoft Windows (Vista)
Wed 30 July 2008
Converting Microsoft OS to VMWare Guest
Sat 19 July 2008
Converting Microsoft Vista from one version to another
Thu 03 July 2008
Domain registrars spamming sub-domains?
Thu 15 May 2008
Encrypting a secondary drive (PGP or TrueCrypt)
Tue 12 February 2008
Force Outlook to open all email in plain text
Tue 12 February 2008
Disable fast user switching on Vista
Tue 12 February 2008
Kicking a user off a linux system
Tue 12 February 2008
Authenicating kerberos against active directory
Tue 12 February 2008
Configuring sendmail to accept mail
Tue 12 February 2008
Edit group policy on remote computer
Tue 12 February 2008
Running processes in the background on Linux
Mon 04 February 2008
Adding a character to a line using Perl
Mon 04 February 2008
Getting Samba to play nicely with SELinux on RHEL
Mon 04 February 2008
Remove index.php from wiki URL
Mon 04 February 2008
Courier Vacation Notice
Fri 01 February 2008
Compare Directory Contents on Linux computer
Thu 31 January 2008
NFS howto with static ports
Wed 30 May 2007
Multi-Touch Techonolgy - The new interface of computing
Wed 28 March 2007
SQL injection attack on a PostgreSQL database (t_jiaozhu)
Wed 07 March 2007
Running UAC and some other tricks to keep your computer running smoothly
Thu 08 February 2007
Running Terminal Server on Windows 2003 Server
Wed 20 December 2006
Using Common Sense to Secure your Information
Tue 12 December 2006
Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 Initial Review
Wed 18 October 2006
Copyrighted Music and Movies
Tue 18 April 2006
What is Web 2.0
Wed 22 March 2006
Botnets that make money but at whos expense
Tue 14 February 2006
New phishing techniques to fool online users