Stephen Reese

I haven’t posted in a while because Blogger finally did away with their FTP/SCP publishing ability meaning if I wanted to continue using Google’s Blogger platform I would have to allow them to host my content for me. I don’t mind this except there are small annoyances such as having to still use a third party host for files that are not part of a blog post. I have also never been a real fan of their themes. I’m not much of a designer when it comes to websites, my focus is usually on the technical operations and not making things aesthetically pleasing. WordPress has Blogger beat hands down in this department as there are thousands of freely available themes and plug-ins for their platform.

The flip-side is securing WordPress. There are countless known vulnerabilities to the WordPress platform. There are ways to stay on top of these. First use the general lock-down suggestions provided by WordPress and other sites. Secondly or maybe primarily, stay up on new releases that fix bugs and security vulnerabilities by subscribing to the mailing-list or keeping an eye on their blog. Overall I look forward to the new platform and hope you enjoy the content to come.


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