Stephen Reese

Here are a list of sites that analysts may find useful in their day-to-day analysis of indicators and threats. While verifying and searching for new sources, I came across Links and resources for malware samples and Free Online Tools for Looking Up Potentially Malicious Websites which may also be helpful. This page may be considered a work-in-progress but if you feel something is missing or broken, leave a comment or contact me. Entries with an asterisk (*) require an account.

IP/ISP/Domain, and WHOIS look-ups

IP and Domain analysis for malware or web-based threats

Open-source Threat Reports, IP and Domain Blacklists

Malware Binary Analysis

Malware Samples

HTTP Agent sniffers, Decode De-Obfuscate JavaScript and Base 64

BotNet Tracking

Site History

Google Hacking


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