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Detecting Tor network traffic with YaF and Python

This entry continues a series of posts on identifying Tor network traffic and usage. The entry will demonstrate how to parse the output of YaF records via mediator using a Python script in order to determine if the SSL certificate … Continue reading

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Increment IP packet timestamp

I recently had a need to specify and increment the IP timestamp values of packets in a PCAP. In this example, the starting second value is specified and we increment the microsecond value. This requires the use of Scapy. If … Continue reading

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Decoding XOR payload using first few bytes as key

I recently came across the need to decode an exclusive or (XOR) payload. In my case, the key to de-obfuscating the traffic was the first three bytes of each packets payload. While it is trivial to decode each payload, it … Continue reading

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Python file uploader

I recently had a need to upload large files to a server via HTTP. Most of the solutions required tweaking the web server or PHP instance which I didn’t feel like dealing with. I found a Python script that would … Continue reading

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