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Redirect Blogger URL using Mod Rewrite and shell scripting fu

Blogger is doing away with the option to host your blog via your own host and migrating everything to the cloud. I wanted to have the option to continue hosting my blog on my own server even though as of … Continue reading

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A few tools that may help rid of malware

These tools may help rid a computer system of malware but be warned they can be very destructive to your system. In other words if you don’t know what you’re doing then backup what you can and take it to … Continue reading

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Setting up maildrop with Courier MTA

Setting up maildrop with Courier MTA Before I get into the maildrop here’s a few notes to myself for setting up Courier. Before running ./configure you should add ssl bin directory to your path To receive local mail indifferent of … Continue reading

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Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

Blogger is removing the functionality to host your own “Blogger” content by disabling the FTP/SFTP functionality from their system. I’m considering their hosting solution or migrating to a WordPress solution. If I stick with Google’s Blogger hosting then bandwidth should … Continue reading

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